Accountability Mindset

Accountability Mindset

Accountability Mindset

Accountability is not a one-time event.
It is a mindset that you can build over time and above all that you can control.

Accountability is the foundation to building winning teams and an achievement oriented culture.

When individuals, teams, and organizations shift their perspective from a blame mindset to an accountability mindset they build trust, autonomy, transparency, and psychological safety. In this environment, accountability fuels innovation, growth, and collaboration – and results in thriving.

Individuals, teams, and organizations are positively impacted when an accountability mindset is the status quo. It is about choice, it is about decision-making, and it is about action.

An accountability mindset is the underpinning of thriving.

As a researcher and through my many years of work as a strategic advisor and leadership coach, I’ve identified the main elements of building an accountability mindset. It’s not at all surprising that as in most things in life, in order for organizations to make the most out of an accountability mindset culture, they need to realize that both the individual and the organization are required to establish such a mindset.

On the individual level, there are certain skills that the individual needs to cultivate in order to embrace an accountability mindset. These skills include Emotional Intelligence (the 5 EI skills as defined by Daniel Goleman – self-awareness, self-recognition, motivation, empathy, social skills), Communication (active listening, effective questioning, responding, effective speaking), Purpose, Agility, Adaptability, Flexibility, Curiosity, and Complex Problem Solving.

On the organizational level, there are certain traits that the organization needs to possess or cultivate in order to foster accountability and make the most out of the accountability mindset approach. These traits include Respect, Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty, Consistency, Learning Agility, Empowerment, and Decisiveness.

The accountability mindset can and should be applied at the individual, team, and organizational level. When an organization embraces an accountability mindset, employees will feel more respected and safe to take on more initiatives. They will be given the opportunity to flourish. When individuals embrace an accountability mindset, they are more likely to thrive – and they are more likely to influence thriving amongst their teams and organizations.

Kate is genuine, energizing, easy to laugh with, encouraging, and thought-provoking.

There’s no challenge that Kate can’t overcome. She has an incredible talent for helping companies and individuals define the details that matter to their goals and growth.

I was feeling burnt out, dragged down, exhausted. Kate made a simple statement, “burnt out is a result of your culture.” That statement slapped me in the face, maybe there was even a punch. As the leader of my organization, it was a wake-up call. It was powerful information. It caused me to take action and talk to the team. Guess what – they were feeling burnout too! Based on this we hit pause. We took a time out. We dug deep to figure out what was causing the entire team to feel this way and we made changes. Six months later we are in a completely different mental space, which means we are able to be the calming agent our clients need.

I think we all know that people don’t leave a company, they leave a manager, but they will stay for a leader. Leaders understand that their number one “customer” is the team, but we can all get lost in our own world and we need someone to help us look in the mirror from time to time.

With Kate’s dynamic and caring coaching style, I’ve reached goals and insights I hadn’t thought possible before. In every session, she has helped me to zone in on the most important aspects of my personal and work goals, overcome obstacles and move to do something about it. Kate is genuine, energizing, easy to laugh with, encouraging and thought-provoking. I can’t say enough in just a few words. I’ll forever be grateful for every coaching session with Kate.

Kate’s strengths lie in masterfully guiding you through a personal dialogue by asking the right (and sometimes difficult) questions, and then objectively supporting you in building strategies to address priorities. What results is a tailor-made plan that’s driven by you and supported by a judgement-free, resourceful partner. Her thoughtful and flexible approach, with just the right amount of challenge, has allowed me to put into motion a solid plan for achieving my career and personal development goals.

Kate has been a tremendous help to me in my transition through the sale of my business and launching me on a new path. She has helped me clarify my own goals and narrow down specific action items and focus areas each time we speak. Kate is kind, friendly and insightful. I am certain I could not have gotten through this transition time without her guidance.

Kate was my coach during a time in my life where everything was turned upside down. I left my corporate position after 20 years, sold our house and moved from New England after 30 years. After the moving dust settled I was overwhelmed with finding my purpose and balance again. Kate’s keen ability to listen and ask insightful questions while keeping get me focused on my goals and actions is masterful. She gently uncovered my quiet voice that had thought about writing a book. I am happy to report that the book I thought about writing for 10 years has been written and is currently in the editing process. I am very appreciative of Kate’s coaching expertise and highly recommend her for as a partner in your journey of fulfillment.

Kate is a really good listener and a thoughtful coach. She was able to quickly understand the complex circumstances I was facing in the organization where I work. Together, we methodically assessed the contextual issues as well as my own strengths, and, together, we were able to come up with solutions that impacted my work positively and profoundly.  It was a gift to work with Kate. I learned so much more than I expected, and I always looked forward to our sessions together.

Kate Lee is more than a coach. Kate’s personality and the way she works with her clients fosters a working relationship – one that feels like you are working through problems or processes with a friend who is invested in your success. I would not be where I am today if I had not worked with Kate.